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Hello, I'm Gwynetta Gittens . Thank you for joining me to discuss Just The Facts.

Do you remember the game telephone? A teacher, trainer or just someone trying to prove a point about how bad gossip is, would tell you to get into a line or circle and whisper a sentence to the first person who would pass it to the next person. Whispers laughter and confused looks made the way down the line and the last person would proudly shout out a statement that sounded nothing at all like the original sentence or even what the person in the middle heard. Then the blame game began...Who changed it? Did they change it or did they just repeat what they "actually" think they heard?

Many times in our busy lives, we will hear part of a sentence, catch the end of a news segment, hear the last part of a juicy story, catch part of an opinion from a very convincing friend or coworker. I ask that you follow up, find out the entire story, what was actually the origin, what are the facts. Are we as quick to check out the facts as we were at the end of the telephone game? Do we just raise our eyebrows, gasp and tell the next person what we thought we heard? If what you heard was an opinion; look at all the facts and make your own opinion. The Key to it all is the word "FACT."