Win With Gwyn

I have championed the needs of all children in the Lee County School District since before I took office in 2018. I taught students that are now the teachers, social workers, business owners and leaders of Lee County. Joining the Lee County School Board confirmed the good things happening in this district and also confirmed the gaps of equity in Lee County Schools.

I often tell the story about a parent with 3 children; South, West and East. Two children have all their needs and desires met and one does not. I will not stop until the third child gets an equitable chance to grow and achieve. Where that child lives does not matter, what matters is that they have a legal right to be educated with the same fidelity of resources as all the other children.

I fought against the use of sub par portable classrooms and they were repaired. I continue to fight for students, teachers, and all staff, whether it be equitable pay or clean break rooms, we must take care of our staff that take care of our children. Even though at times I have fought single handedly, I am steadfast for doing what is best for children. If the data does not prove the need for spending $100 I won't vote for it. When I am on the 1 side of a 6-1 vote it is not to be difficult, it is for the sake of doing the right thing.

Winning with Gwyn is not a short sprint, it is a marathon. It is 1 by 1 changing and expanding closed minds, educating the entire village of the needs of ALL students. A marathon that I need to keep running, so...

Re-Elect Gwynetta Gittens on August 23!