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Everyone deserves a fair opportunity to succeed. Education is never ending and the key to success. Whether you are learning job skills academic pursuits or learning a life lesson. Education is a journey that never ends. Our nation’s success is built on the principles of opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. Education is the key 



I am a Champion for:

  • Investing in Attracting And Keeping The Best Teachers And Staff 

  • A Technical School In    District 5

  •  Shrinking the Achievement Gap

  •  Reducing the Digital Divide

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I am a Champion for:

  • Fiscal Priorities

  •  Building real Schools in District 5 not portables

  • Respect And Livable Wages  For Teachers, Bus Drivers And All Staff

  •  Prioritizing Resources For District 5



I am a Champion for:

  • The District 5 Community

  • Letting Us Name Our Schools ... Respect Our Voices

  • Clear  inclusive Communication     On All Levels 

  • Focus on parent and the community  role in education.


PRIORITIES!  Since 2018, I championed:

  • Salaries for teachers, Bus drivers, teachers, and staff. 

  • NOT middle and upper management increases.

  • District 5 needs increased “Hard to Serve” funding to attract and keep the Best staff.

COVID-ESSER Funds for 3 Years

  • To help decrease the Achievement Gap”

  • I advocate the district and union use the funds NOW

  • Decisions are too slow coming. If we act sooner.  fewer teachers and bus drivers would retire and resign 

Technical School in District 5

  • The highest percentage of working-class families,  are from the East Zone/District 5. but the East Tech Center was moved from the 5-year plan to the 10-year plan,

  • 38% of the students at Ft. Myers Tech are from the East Zone. Taxpayers in the East Zone pay 25% of their annual income on transportation!

Reduce the Achievement Gap Champion

  •  Smaller class sizes, more staff to help “ALL students achieve their highest potential.” 

  •  Reduce the Digital Divide:

  • Students watched a postage stamp size view of their teachers for almost a year. Halfway through the lesson, the Internet blinks off,  you reboot... class if over.  We need increased towers and connectivity.

I’ve been asking the hard questions since 2018!

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Just give us the resources we can do the rest!

You Need To  Know:

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